4 ways CBD benefits people with Crohn’s


Nearly 800,000 people in the US currently suffer from Crohn’s disease, a type of inflammatory bowel disease.

In case you suffer from this kind of condition, then you surely know how frustrating this could be.  Plus, you have most likely tried various medications in an attempt to find that one thing that could relieve you from its various symptoms.

In case you are not satisfied with the results you are receiving from the prescribed pharmaceutical drugs, why not consider using Cannabidiol or CBD oil instead?

All about CBD

CBD is a cannabinoid or compound found in the cannabis plant. It is one of the two most widely researched compounds along with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). They are among the more than 100 other compounds found in the cannabis plant.

Both CBD and THC come with various therapeutic benefits, yet they affect human bodies in various means. The former is the one to blame for the mind-altering effects of cannabis as it binds to the cannabinoid receptors found in the spinal cord and the brain while CBD does not.

An easy way for somebody to take CBD is through the form of CBD oil. It is produced by adding CBD extract to an oil base such as MCT oil or coconut oil. The extract is derived from cannabis sativa plant, a type of hemp.

In order to make the product more palatable, other CBD oil producers add flavoring like lemon oil or peppermint oil,

How CBD Oil benefits People with Crohn’s Disease

Now that you have a better understanding of what CBD is, it’s time to learn what makes it such an effective treatment option for individuals suffering from Crohn’s disease.

While it may be a cure, the compound can help patients in the following ways:

  1. Reduce inflammation

One thing that makes CBD so popular is its anti-inflammatory potentials which is highly beneficial to people struggling with Crohn’s. The CBD oil can  aid in reducing intestinal inflammation, which in turn, could ease several painful symptoms of the disease like bloating and cramping.

  • Control Appetite

Several individuals suffering from Crohn’s disease usually experience lack of appetite which consequently results in weight loss and could make it difficult for them to absorb all the body nutrients they need to properly function.

Consuming CBD on a regular basis could aid in improving and regulating appetite. It makes it easier for individuals with the disease to make sure they are eating sufficiently,

  • Reduce Nausea

Crohn’s disease also cause vomiting and nausea. Yet CBD is said to help suppress them. Cancer patients, In fact, likewise take it to aid them in overcoming nausea as they undergo chemotherapy.

  • Improve Sleeping Patterns

The compound may likewise help improve the quality of sleep of many patients suffering from inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s. Alongside other symptoms, sufferers also usually experience insomnia. Yet with the help of CBD, individuals can relax and fall asleep easier. By having enough sleep, people with the disease likewise can reduce inflammation and aid in improving its symptoms.

Taking CBD Oil

You are now probably convinced that CBD oil can benefit you in managing the symptoms of Crohn’s disease, yet you probably wonder how to correctly use it.

The simplest way to take CBD oil is through a dropper usually attached to the bottle. All you need is to serve the desired dose into it, then hold it under your tongue for a about a minute or two prior to swallowing.

Holding the oil under your tongue can help your body absorb the compound faster, which eventually means faster results, too.


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