Review of Naked 100 Vape Liquids


    Naked 100 is one of the top e-liquid lines in the vaping industry. The brand has been around for many years and has a collection of top-selling vape liquids. The Naked 100 line is a product of California-based Schwartz E-Liquids.

    In this post, we’ll be looking at six vape liquids from Naked 100.

    Flavor Profile

    All Melon: This e-juice is a fusion of three melon flavors. You get to enjoy the exciting taste of fresh and juicy watermelon, mixed sweet and ripe honeydew and delicious cantaloupe.

    Amazing Mango: Tantalize your vape buds with ripe and juicy mangoes gotten straight from the Caribbean Islands. Close your eyes as you savor this flavor and allow yourself be transported to the Caribbean Island where you feel the warm sun rays and the tropical breeze on your skin.

    Green Blast: This is probably the most unique green apple flavor you will ever get on the market. Enjoy the taste of fresh plucked green apples merged with honeydew melon and kiwi flavor.

    Hawaiian POG: This is an exotic blend of three wonderful gifts of nature to mankind. The P stands for Passion Fruits. The sweet flavor from passion fruits will fill your vape clouds with ecstasy and will surely get you hooked. The O stands for Oranges. The citrus burst of refreshing orange flavor will get your vape buds thanking you for such a wonderful citrus experience. Finally, the G stands for guava. The crisp refreshing flavor of guava sums up the whole wonderful experience you will get from this exciting flavor blend.

    Lava Flow: Don’t be scared, you aren’t going to get burnt with this, rather, you will get to enjoy the volcanic eruptions of a blend of different tropical fruits. Turn on your vape and you will get a volcanic eruption where the lava melts the wild berries growing on the side of the mountain and flows down to envelope the sweet pineapples growing below the strawberries. The journey of the flavor rich lava isn’t over as the lava gets infused by the coconuts growing on coconut trees at the base of the mountain finally calming the ravaging lava beast. The Lava Flow blend will surely erupt the goodness of three exotic flavors into your system transporting you to a cloud heaven.

    Very Berry: This e-liquid is a blend of lush blackberries mixed with soft and plumb bright blueberries and finally laced with sugared lemon rinds of the best quality offering a sour surprise to this sweet blend of berries.

    All these e-liquids are available in 60ml bottles. You can get the Naked e-juice 6-pack bundle for only $64.99 from the Ultimate Vape Deals online store. This is a whooping slash from the usual price of $149.99. Each one comes with a vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of 70/30, and you can select your preferred nicotine level.

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