Mango Berries by Coastal Clouds Review


    Mango Berries Ejuice by Coastal Clouds is a delicious mixture of mango and mixed berries that would keep you vaping all day long without getting tired of the flavor. If you are a fan of fresh and juicy tropical treats, this might just be the best vape juice you could have.

    About The Manufacturer

    Coastal Clouds is a name you will definitely continue to hear in the vaping industry, and it is all thanks to their incredible ejuice flavor profiles. To start with, they are a southern California vape juice company with some of the best tasting vape juice flavors that money can buy. They have a line of desserts, candies, refreshing drinks, cool menthols, and tobacco flavors for you to choose from with each flavor delivering unique and accurate flavors that would make your taste buds stand on edge. Once you have a taste of this Mango Berries Ejuice, you may have a better idea of why there is so much hype around this manufacturer.

    Flavor Profile

    On both the inhale and exhale, your taste buds are treated to a fine combination of fresh ripe mangoes that have been blended to sweet nectar and combined with a sweet and tart burst of mixed berries to create a unique fruity vape that would make your mouth water.

    Coastal clouds source all of their ingredients in the USA to ensure quality. You get to taste each individual flavor. Without anyone overpowering the other. Mango Berries Ejuice by Coastal Clouds is one ejuice that your taste buds would not be able to get enough of.

    VG/PG Ratio

    Vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) happen to be two of the most important ingredients in every vape juice mixture. If you are new to vaping, it is because they act as the carrier or base that makes it possible for you to vaporize all the other ingredients. In the Mango Berries Ejuice, Coastal Clouds made use of 70 percent vegetable glycerin and 30 percent propylene glycol.

    The concentration of VG used makes this ejuice fall into the high VG category, this means that if you love to show off your cloud tricks when out with friends, you will be able to show off to your satisfaction with the ejuice’s generous amount of vapor production. Its high VG concentration also means that the ejuice is suitable for vaping with a sub-ohm tank or RDA in case they are more of your style.

    The concentration of PG might seem small, but it is just the right amount to still deliver bold and

    rich flavor every time you inhale. On top of that, you get to enjoy smooth throat hits.

    Nicotine Concentration

    Whether you prefer to vape with nicotine or without it, Coastal Clouds has got you covered. You can choose from 0mg if you prefer to vape without nicotine, 3mg if you want to enjoy your ejuice flavor with a mild nicotine hit, and 6mg if you want a strong and solid hit. Whichever you choose, you are guaranteed of smooth hits that do not leave you with any itchiness or soreness in your throat. With this variety of nicotine concentrations to choose from, there is no reason for you to not enjoy this ejuice flavor to your heart’s content.

    Packaging and Availability

    Mango Berries Ejuice by Coastal Clouds comes in a generous 60ml plastic unicorn dropper bottle with a child-resistant cap so it is both easy to pour into your vape device, as well as safe from the kids. It is usually sold anywhere from $12 upward, but on, you get to buy a pack for only $9.99 and still not have to worry about shipping because they ensure your package gets to you in no time.


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