Suorin Air Pod System Vape Kit Review


    Suorin is a vaping brand with some of the best pod systems on the market. Air Pod System by Suorin is a portable and functional vaping device. This system has a sleek design with a credit card shape. This device is designed to fit into the hands and pockets easily. The Air Pod is easy to use and comes with no buttons. This Suorin is draw-activated and is ideal for anyone. The Suorin Air Pod System makes for smooth and enjoyable vaping experiences.

    The Suorin Air Pod has a mouthpiece at the corner of the pod. And at the base area of the device features the off/on button. And you turn this device on when you start vaping. This system is draw-activated.

    The Suorin Air Pod features a strong battery with a 400mAh built-in battery. This system is ideal for all-day vaping, and the battery will last for a day before recharging. And Suorin system comes with an LED Light which serves as a battery life indicator. And the light comes in different colors. The red light indicates that you need to charge your device. And you can easily charge this device using a micro USB cable. You don’t have to wait for too long for the Suorin kit to get fully charged. And it takes about 40 minutes for this battery to get fully recharged.

    The Suorin Air pod can hold about 2ml of vape juice. This kit is easy to refill and comes with different e-juice flavors. And this vaping system is ideal for nicotine salt e-liquids. And to refill the tank, you have to remove the pod and the plastic covering located under this kit. The filling port of Suorin Air will fit any e-liquid bottle.

    Apart from charging, this Suorin Air device is easy and does not require any maintenance. This pod system is replaceable and can be refilled a few times before replacement becomes necessary.

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