Oasis by Aqua Original Review


    Fruit flavors come in all forms, and just as there are tons of fruits available on the planet, there are also tons of fruit-flavored ejuices. Not to talk about fruit combinations that make your taste buds go crazy. Oasis Ejuice by Aqua Original features a tasty concoction of exotic papaya, juicy cantaloupe, and soft peaches. The blend is one of Aqua Original’s most popular flavors and one that will leave you with puckered lips every time you take a drag.

    Aqua Original is a rebrand of Aqua Fruit, a vape juice brand that dates back to its inception in 2014. Marina Vape is the name behind Aqua and created it as a way to present the delicious natural flavor of fruits in their pure and simple forms. Today, Aqua presents a line of sweet, refreshing, and revitalising fruit flavors that would leave you hungry for more and more.

    Their flavor mixtures range from citrus, berries, and more. If you are a fan of fruit flavored e juices then Aqua Original has got your covered. In addition to Oasis ejuice, some of their other vapes for sale include Flow, Pure, Rainbow Drops, Pure Ice, Sour Melons, Mist, Momentum Salts, Melon Ice, and many more.

    Without further ado, let’s see if Oasis Ejuice measures up to the Aqua name.As you inhale, the freshly cut papaya chunks come in to deliver a refreshing sweetness with a jolt of flavor that will drench your taste buds. On the exhale, the mouth-watering, ripe peaches come in to deliver a remarkable juice flavor that is heightened by the rich and smooth cantaloupe that summarizes your drag in a cloud of delicious vapor. Every drag would take your taste buds on an all-expense-paid trip to flavor heaven.

    In the end, this ejuice delivers the perfect balance of clean and distinctive flavors that hit smoothly without any flavor being too overbearing. There is no chemical taste on the exhale, no off-tasting flavors, just pure delicious fruits.

    The Oasis ejuice concoction features a 70/30 VG/PG blend, which is what vaping connoisseurs would term as a high VG blend. It is suitable for you to use with a sub-ohm tank or RDA, and it does not clog up your coils easily. Also, the vapor production is something every cloud chaser would enjoy. Every drag is rewarded with huge clouds of fruity vapor. You are also rewarded with bold and rich flavor, in addition to smooth and flowing nicotine hits (if you prefer to vape with nicotine).

    Aqua Original made sure that every vaper can get to enjoy this delectable fruit mixture. In this case, they created the Oasis ejuice in varying nicotine concentrations. If you prefer to vape without as much as a hint of nicotine, then they have a 0mg version specially prepared for you. If you like to accompany the delicious fruit mixture with a strong nicotine hit, then you can vape all you want with a 6mg version. If you are more in the middle, then you can still enjoy the 3mg version.

    They make use of high-quality nicotine in the ejuice formulation, so whichever version you choose, unless it is the 0mg version, you are guaranteed smooth throat hits that are not harsh or overbearing in any way.

    It is available in a 60ml unicorn bottle with a child-proof cap and nozzle tip for easy pouring. This e-juice is sold for $24.99 but on https://ultimatevapedeals.com you get to save a whole 60% so you get it for as low as $9.99, this is much cheaper than you would get on many stores. In addition to the discount, you also get amazing deals when you buy from this vape juice store.


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