Can CBD oil be taken with other medications?


Alcohol is well-known to counteract the effects of particular drugs or could have serious side effects when consumed while under medication. Although alcohol is a recreational substance, while CBD is not, the mere fact that it is being used for medicinal purposes makes it an even more crucial issue.

Cannabis is undoubtedly a lot safer than a lot of recreational and pharmaceutical drugs available in the market. Yet, despite being tagged as ‘safer’ does not mean it is 100% risk-free. Remember that this is a plant which comes with over a hundred active chemical compounds. Yes, they react safely with one another, but you cannot be certain whether they act the same with other medicines.

On its own, CBD is quite a reliable medicine. Yet, there remains a lack of information about it. Medical studies cannot still establish how exactly this compound reacts with other substances we take. Everyone already knows that alcohol reacts negatively and is likely toxic when mixed with antibiotics. But in the case of CBD, we still need to make sure it does not behave in the same manner with other substances prior to recommending it as an effective medication.

What is CYTOCHROME P450 and Why is it important?

The speed by which we process substances in our body system is influenced by our metabolism. In our liver, we can find an enzyme which aids metabolize CBD along with other drugs called cytochrome 450.  What is actually concerning about CBD is that it controls the enzyme entirely and wants all of its attention.

Consequently, the liver stops to metabolize other medicines which require cytochrome 450 once CBD is ingested in our system. This suggests that oxycodone and other power painkillers could probably stay longer than normal in our system when CBD is taken together with it. Remember that these painkillers were dosed very carefully to remain in our body for only a certain time period. If the drugs exceeded their maximum stay, you run the risk of suffering nausea, drowsiness, and other unwanted side effects. Worse, your liver can be seriously damaged with regular use as brought about by the slow metabolism.

Are there medicines that you can safely take?

CBD can generally affect every medicine that the liver metabolizes. With the presence of this compound in your body, the medicines you take will be processed differently. It suggests that be it an anti-depressant, antibiotic, or steroid – everything will be affected by CBD. See to it to consult your physician regarding this. In some cases, dosages of other medicines are reduced as you begin taking.

While a lot of medical experts are not updated regarding CBD and other cannabinoids, they remain as the most trusted option to consult with as far as your personal health is concerned. Despite not having sufficient information regarding the compound, the doctors are still the ones capable to keep track of your blood work to ensure you are in good shape. To be fully honest with your doctor benefits no one but you. You should never feel ashamed or be afraid about discussing your belief in the therapeutic potentials of cannabis.

Taking CBD can in general help with your current medication. It does not boost the effect, yet by causing delays in your body’s metabolism, it can in fact aid in decreasing your current dosage

Here’s a practical example:

How does CBD interact with Anti-seizure medicines?

A study that looked into how CBD reacted with a well-known anti-seizure medicine called clobazam on children with epilepsy was released in 2015. CBD caused a delay in the metabolic process of this medicine. As a result, several patients managed to reduce their clobazam dosages. This is a medicine with known side effects such as constipation, mild fever, drowsiness, loss of coordination, vomiting, insomnia, constipation, and many more. As the list of potential side effects goes on, it is really good news that patients can now lower their doses by taking CBD. The dosage reduction of clobazam is directly correlated with the reduced opportunity of having side effects from the medicine.


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